I was a #4 last year for no particular reason that I can recall. I just thought 
it would be nice to make it through game day without even knowing who was 
playing. Some morning radio jock ruined it for me the Thursday before the game. 

This year I was a bit more deliberately observant in my National Felon League 
ignoring, because of the whole "let's all protest the National Anthem because 
we don't like the President" thing. 
I was doing such a good job I didn't even think of the StupidBowl or trying to 
avoid it until about ten days ago when, once again, I heard about it on the 

Did somebody say it wasn't going to be on broadcast TV, so they have a ready 
excuse for any drop in viewer numbers? If I were an advertiser looking to spend 
millions in 30 seconds, my willingness to pay would be lowered this year, and 
lowered a lot if the game isn't broadcast.  



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