Talked to the owner again today.  Resolved a few minor questions.

Headlight wipers are in the trunk.  They got taken off for cleaning some time 
ago and didn’t get reinstalled.

For the parts I need, like window regulator, hood pad, etc., I’ve yet to find 
anything that’s more than about $50.  Amazing how cheap some of the parts are 
for this car.  Third brake light assembly completely shattered when they tried 
removing it to replace the bulb.  Yeah, I’ve seen that happen more times than I 
like.  A new one is like $125, probably the most expensive part on the car.  
And they’re only available in a couple of colors, so it will probably have to 
be painted.  Heck, a new interior rear view mirror is only $54.00 from 
Mercedes. Dang.


> On Feb 3, 2018, at 9:40 PM, Dan Penoff via Mercedes <> 
> wrote:
> So I’ve finished an exhaustive review with the owner of the issues/fixes this 
> car needs.  I’ve created a list of the bad and the good:
> The bad:
> Lower engine harness needs rebuilding
> ASR light is on
> Hood ornament (missing)
> Headlight wipers (missing?)
> Hood pad (gone!)
> Cowl/lower windshield seal (degraded)
> Third brake light (missing?)
> Driver’s seat leather (bolster worn)
> Left rear quarter clear coat peeling
> Rear windows non-functional (one dead, the other with a broken regulator)
> Sunroof adjustment (left rear corner is low but seals)
> Headliner sagging in rear
> Radio volume control is intermittent
> Inside rear view mirror dimming tab is broken off
> Distributor insulator on right distributor is cracked/chipped
> The good:
> Southern car, no rust or corrosion
> Body is very straight, never been wrecked or damaged
> Nearly new tires
> Full suspension rebuild w/shocks/struts/tie rod ends/all links and bushings 
> (OE parts) last year (about 2k ago)
> Upper harness replaced
> Timing chain and guides replaced 15k ago
> Brakes replaced (all) around 10k ago
> Full documentation on repairs and maintenance from date of original 
> delivery/purchase
> Dealer and independent shop maintained on MB service schedule for the entire 
> life of the car
> None of this is significant, just a laundry list of almost all Martha sorts 
> of things.  I’m sure there’s more that I’ll find once it arrives and I can 
> give it a serious once-over, but all in all it’s just a lot of piddly stuff.  
> The bones sounds pretty good and the provenance is spectacular.  I saw the 
> pile of paperwork that comes with the car and it’s astonishing.  They have a 
> full set of paper service manuals for it as well. Dang.  I can’t wait to see 
> the VMI on this car….
> Let the fun begin!
> -D
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