I took the SKS and my brand new SA 1911 Range Officer to the range on Tuesday 
and had a great time.  The SKS didn’t want to cycle, which didn’t concern me.  
It sure was accurate, though.  I was able to group 5 shots in a 4” circle at 25 
yards holding it by hand.  I could only find some Tula steel jacketed ammo 
locally, which is what I shot.  Dang thing sure is heavy.

On Wednesday I stripped the SKS completely down and gave it a good cleaning.  
It was in pretty good shape, but while I had it apart I hand polished the bolt 
and gas pistons as well as giving everything a good coat of dry lube.  The bore 
was amazingly clean.  Got it all back together and ready to go back out.

Went to the range after work for an hour.  Ran 30 rounds through the SKS.  
Didn’t miss a lick.  Tossed every spent shell over my shoulder.  Still deadly 
accurate.  I may take it to another range in the area that’s set up for rifles 
to see how it does at a distance.

Shot the SA 1911 again.  I was a lot better with it out of the box - I’ve got 
to do some practice with this trigger as there’s almost no take up in it.  Very 

This weekend should be fun - tomorrow will start off with a 6:00 am grocery 
run, finish some laundry, and pressure wash the driveway and sidewalk.  Might 
have time to wash the cars, too.  The 400E gets picked up at 9:00, so it will 
be on the way as well.

On Sunday I’m hoping the 400E will arrive.  If so I’ll have my hands full 
getting it inducted into the system with photos and a major inventory of 
everything.  I’ve also got to do the wiring for a 20A receptacle for my garage 
window AC.  Ordered the stuff online tonight with Lowe’s and a 10% off promo 
code.  That should only take about an hour to do.  Put a section of 6' vinyl 
fence, two posts and a couple of bags of concrete for a privacy fence for that 
side of the garage on the same order, but it won’t be in until later this month.




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