I am working on my new (to me) house.  It was built in 1900.  It has a sleeping 
porch (at least that is what they used to be called) upstairs and down stairs.  
Apparently they were built with a slope of about 2 inches (for 
drainage/runoff).  So, the outside wall is two inches lower than the rest.  As 
part of our repairs we needed to support the outside walls because it has 
settled slightly on one corner.  The porch is tied into the foundation of the 
house and supported with concrete pillars on the outside two corners.  We have 
managed to support it and jack it up so that is level side to side.  So, that's 
a big accomplishment.  It is secure and sturdy.  BUT, the porch is also the 
laundry room and we are adding a bathroom  -- just a sink and toilet.  We need 
to level the floor on the inside.   I think the best wait to do it is to add 
joists to the current joists that are raised to level the floor.   Here is my 
idea:  The highest point of the floor is where it is tied into the house and 
the lowest point is the furthest outside wall.  So, if I add a joist (sister 
it) and raise it up over the current joist and add another to the outside wall 
that is still higher to make up the two inch slope, isn't that the best way to 
level the floor on the inside?  The new joists will support the subfloor and 
make it level.   Am I thinking this through correctly?

Donald H. Snook


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