The arm(Lever) comes with the bearing as an assembly. I have a dead one that someday I want to push the bearing out of and get a bearing number. Then those that are inclined to can replace just the bearing.

Q was never able to find the bearing separately or a bearing number. I have always had to buy the assembly.

Not to worry. They can rattle for years without causing any further problems. Just an annoying rattle. I think you could take if off, push out the bearing, turn it 45 to 135º, reassemble and everything would be fine again. Since the arm oly turns a few degrees, the rollers wear into the races, but by turning the bearing in the arm, you'd have virtually unworn surfaces.
Dan Penoff via Mercedes <>
February 12, 2018 at 11:29 AM
Does this have the bearing in it when you buy the lever? I see the bearing as a separate part in the parts breakdown, but no one seems to offer it in the aftermarket, or even show it, which makes me suspect the bearing is part of the lever.

When I got one of these for my 350SDL the bearing was in it.

Oldest son’s E300D is starting to make noises so I’m trying to help him be proactive.



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