It's a Whirlpool, has a touch panel control.  I would also prefer knobs and
physical buttons, given a choice, for simplicity and probably also lower
cost.  However, this particular cook top was a deeply discounted floor
display at a price too good to pass ($360).

Boiled some water last night as the first test, and that was shocking how
fast this is.

This a.m. I made espresso using a stove-top moka machine which is aluminum,
heated on a steel adapter plate.  Despite the inefficiency and losses of
heating the adapter plate to heat the moka machine, it was still
impressively fast.

I'm a little leery about the cost of parts if I have to make any repair, a
cursory check on the price for a new control board is $400, and there are
two that can fail.

Charleston SC

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 2:28 PM, Kevin Kraly via Mercedes <> wrote:

> What brand of induction cooktop did you purchase? I am thinking about
> purchasing in induction cooktop, but I would like one that has knobs rather
> than a touch panel with a display that is hard to see. I really like the
> adaptive technology since the surface is  not hot when the burners are
> turned off.
> Kevin and Hillsboro Oregon

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