That can't be that difficult to repair permanently.  Have you checked the
air cleaner mounts?

On Sun, Feb 11, 2018 at 1:06 PM, Kaleb C. Striplin via Mercedes <> wrote:

> So just confirmed I do have a part number plate riveted to the bell
> housing on the passenger side. I would say I have a crate engine here.
> Question is, when was it installed.
> It’s got an aftermarket radio which as I suspected when pulling up the
> trunk liner and wiring is all jacked up. Lord I hate that. The amp is
> missing also. I guess my only alternative is to either live with the radio
> they is in it, or put it back to original which is what I would prefer. I
> bet I would have to pull the complete harness out of another car unless I
> can splice this one back together.
> I removed that shower curtain rod they had wedged between the power
> steering pump. When removed the pump is causing a loud rattle. It does not
> really appear to be loose but when you pull it forward the rattle stops.
> See video.
> I have the title from the original owner which was signed over the a place
> called Peddle, inc out of Austin tx. I looked them up and it appears to be
> a dealer of some sort which talks about getting an instant cash offer.
> Maybe the po wanted some quick cash and they just sent the car to copart. I
> don’t see how anyone made any money on the deal though.
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