Some observations as I collect my thoughts tonight:

Driving in limp home is easy-peasey.  I really didn’t know what to expect, 
however, when I was going down the road at 30 mph I was wondering why I was 
revving to over 3000 rpm - than I remembered that the transmission wouldn’t 
upshift at that level, so I backed off and sure enough, it shifted.

Idle is high and sometimes rough.  It doesn’t like to start sometimes.  Hmm.

Lower engine harness is definitely kaput.  I had oil pressure - I didn’t have 
oil pressure - then I did.

I have never driven a W124 with tighter suspension than this car. It’s 
definitely been rebuilt recently.  Dang thing drives like it’s on rails.

Noticed a small 4-5 conductor harness between the “coffin” and the false 
firewall that has deteriorated to the point where someone has pulled the wires 
apart to separate them.  Hmm.  Looks like they go into a round connector of 
some sort that’s clipped or anchored to the back of the coffin box. The ETA 
harness is definitely a new one. All of the engine covers are in place and 
there’s absolutely no sign of any leaks or seepage.

Interior is filthy as noted.  I am often puzzled by the conundrum of why 
someone would spend big bucks to maintain the mechanicals on a car yet treat 
the interior like a pig sty.  However, this will clean up nicely as will be 
seen in a few days.

Odometer is dead. Probably needs gears.  Wonder how long it’s been that way?

Did some piddly stuff tonight before I closed up.  Pulled the BE1432 and 
cleaned it up, popped the faceplate and cleaned connections, investigated the 
reason for no volume down but having volume up - lousy design in the mechanics 
of the button.  All of the speakers work now (left side didn’t when I got the 
car) as does the fader.  Gotta love that DeOxIt fader cleaner! A BE1432 
faceplate exchange appears to be in my future.

Pulled the roller box out of the console, center wood and ash tray.  Cleaned 
everything well and reinstalled. Replaced a burned out lamp in the ash tray and 
reattached the wood trim surround.  Spring and mechanism that makes ashtray 
toggle open/closed is buggered up and can’t be fixed, so a new (used) ashtray 
is in my future (anyone got a W124 ashtray they want to part with?)  The flat 
metal spring in the back of the ashtray assembly that pops the ash receptacle 
out when you push the button had come out of the back where the plastic had 
broken down around the rivet that secured it.  New rivet with a back up washer 
fixed that.

Did a couple of test spots on the finish, and while it’s going to take some 
work, it looks like it should recover well.  A lot of little black spots all 
over the car from something environmental, like a tree.  They came off with 
some Meguire’s 105 polish, which is good.

Lots of lamps out.

Trunk is tight and dry.

Definitely needs a new ignition lock cylinder and keys.  Everything works fine, 
but they’re definitely the original keys based on the wear and condition.  I 
can’t get the car registered and titled until it’s drivable, which means I 
can’t order keys or lock cylinders until then.

I’m not sure what I’ll have time for tomorrow, maybe some paint recovery. At 
least I’ll get the diagnostics connected to it and see what it says.  Gotta 
start putting my dealer parts order together for tomorrow.


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