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> Certainly. It’s just held in by friction, and that’s if a previous
> remover didn’t toss the little rubber pads that are on the sides of the
> cluster that often fall out/off when it’s removed.
> Otherwise, take your improvised “J” hooks and insert them at the top
> corners of the cluster between the pad and the cluster.  Once they get
> past that, push them farther back, then rotate 90 degrees to turn the
> little part of the “J” so it’s behind the back of the cluster.  You’ll
> know if it’s not far enough back as you won’t be able to rotate it.
> Once you’ve turned the hooks to engage the cluster, pull!  Rock it back
> and forth as that will often break it loose if it hasn’t been out for a
> while.

Does one disconnect the speedometer cable before or after pulling the
cluster out?



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