So the guy with the 124 cab called again today seeming really anxious to swap cars.  I told him maybe Saturday but I want to drive this car for a couple of days to see what else pops up.  I drove it today for a couple of miles, which from what I can tell is the only 2 miles it has been driven in the last 5+ years. Probably closer to 10 years.  Who knows.  Anyway, tires look good, still have the nipples on them.  However when you get it up to about 50 it feels like its driving on square tires and feels like the car will fly apart.  I thought about trying to balance them being that I am cheap, but I guess I will go ahead and install the new set of tires I bought for the other 240D.  I also smelled something burning like brake fluid maybe even though the brakes appear to work fine.  From looking under the car looks like one of the calipers might be leaking.  Guess I will need to swap that out.  I got a belt that seems to start squeeling at times so I will replace the 2 belts on it.  I will see what flaps has since I wont have time to wait for an order to come in.

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