Thanks Dan  sounds like tomorrow  will be Martha report

Dwight Giles Jr.
Wickford RI

On Feb 13, 2018 9:14 PM, "Dan Penoff via Mercedes" <>

> Got home from work and ran the car into the garage.  Pulled the carpets
> and shampooed them.  Pulled the back seat lower cushion.  No bundles of
> $50s as I always hope.  For that matter, no mints, Cheetos or change,
> either.  Dang it!  Opened the hood and started in there. Took the air
> cleaner off and found the mounts gone, which is typical. The seal for the
> MAF is hard as a rock as they usually are. Power steering pump reservoir
> knob is missing and replaced with a nut.  Throttle cable is hosed at the
> adjustment nut where it threads into the bracket.  Oil filler cap is
> cracked.  Vacuum elbow to fuel regulator is cracked.  One of the breather
> hoses on top of the engine is disconnected, but all of the hoses are
> amazingly supple, so they must have been replaced.
> I had a spare steering wheel and airbag from youngest son’s S500 which I
> transplanted into the car to replace the trashed steering wheel that was on
> the car.  I could have sworn that I had one with burl on it, but it might
> have been in the S420 that got totaled.  No matter, it’s much nicer now.  I
> took advantage of having the wheel off and cleaned the turn signal and
> cruise control switches.  I was going to pull the instrument cluster as
> well, but that would have taken me down a rabbit hole I didn’t have time
> for.
> Ran a full set of diagnostics with the C3 system and found the following:
> ASR: 030 CAN: No reception from EFP N4/1
> LH1: 022 Oxygen sensor heater G3/2 -//-, (two opposite “L”s laying down
> with their tops pointing at each other, if that makes sense)
> EFP: 009 Control module EFP N4/1
>         014 Control Module EFP N4/1
>         051 Idle speed safety contact M16/1s2
> GM: 006 A/C compressor clutch blocked A9
>         009 Voltage supply N3/1 -//-
>         010 Fuse F2 or control unit 16/1
>         017 Voltage supply module box blower motor M2/2 -//-
> I know most of these but not all, so I’ll have to do some research.  I
> cleared all of the faults and will drive the car tomorrow before scanning
> it again to see what pops up.  Realize that some of these faults could be
> years old and resolved a long time ago, but never cleared.
> The radio was pissed after I powered back up and is now showing an “E 2”
> error, whatever that is.  More research.
> The fuzzy spacer that’s between the seat bottom and console on the
> driver’s seat is AWOL, so I need to figure that one out.  I found the piece
> in the trunk, and it’s definitely broke.  Looks like the seat has to come
> out to replace it.  Ugh.
> No lighting in the ACC panel, so all of those bulbs have to be replaced.
> I’m ordering a full set of copper fuses as well as a bunch of strip fuses,
> as my fuse inventory seems to have been depleted.  I have all the vacuum
> lines and air cleaner mounts, as I keep that stuff on hand since it’s
> common to so many models.  I sorted those on the spot.  Gotta order all of
> the rest of the stuff.
> Tomorrow should be hot and sunny, so I’m planning on slathering it with
> Leatherique and letting the interior bake all day.  Might pull the cluster
> tomorrow after work and see what I need to resurrect the odometer.
> -D
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