124 vice 123: I'd change it because the 1995 E300 Diesel monovalve is not
rebuild-able (no insert is sold) and is unique to the 1995 E300 model and
is pretty darn pricey from MB ($140 or more?  I could be wrong on that).
In addition, the replacement monovalve available from MB has a bad
reputation for failure within weeks or months of installation (cracks in
the plastic body).

Knock on wood, mine is working just fine in my E300.  However I'm pretty
sure the monovalve in my 124.193 is failing and though it is more common,
no insert is sold, so rather than roll the dice on an OE part I may take
the opportunity to try out this kit.

Charleston SC

On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 10:31 AM, Jaime Kopchinski via Mercedes <
mercedes@okiebenz.com> wrote:

> Another fix for something that isn’t broken.
> If you use a genuine MB monovalve insert, they work just find.  In fact,
> the climate control works exceptionally well when repaired correctly.  That
> is, it requires no adjustment at all by the user.
> I haven’t touched mine in weeks or months, except for pressing defrost a
> few times.
> It’s a shame these kits are installed when the effort would be better
> spendt on just making it work as designed.  The cars have run for 30-40
> years with the original design, why change it now?
> Jaime

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