I'm not sure where "Coles Island, a Confederate post on the Stono River <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stono_River> that was being dismantled" was, but it was likely near my buddy's farm on the Stono River.  Oh, the internets tell us "Much of Coles Island was destroyed in the hurricane of 1911, leaving Fort Palmetto standing in the marsh just south of the remnants of the island. The tall tabby walls are still extant, though they have collapsed into the surrounding marsh"

So it isn't there any more I guess as the area changes with storms and tides.  But yes Smalls was viewed by some as quite a hero.

Interestingly enough this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Isaac_Smith  happened at my buddy's farm, back when it was owned by his family ancestors -- guys on shore got pissed at the men on the ship for firing on some shacks they had over there by the river and fired back on it and ultimately captured it after killing a bunchum.  The ship crew was just harassing the guys and taking target practice on the shacks for no particular reason.  Showed them.


On 2/19/18 10:39 AM, Curley McLain wrote:
I'm guessing you have heard of this guy.


That is quite a story.  Smart guy!



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