No good repair attempt goes unpunished.

I had yet to deal with the brake fluid on Allen.  It has been a year since I 
got her, and the fluid, though fresh when installed a few years ago, was not 
being as good as I thought it should be.  Stuff in the tank was a bit dark, but 
i had done some fluid swaps with a baster twice.

I have a Mighty Vac, that the fluid cup had gone missing.  I had rigged up a 
container last year.  When I tried to use it this morning, the thing just 
shattered.  Nalgene bottle with gooped in hoses.  Just fell apart.  I tried to 
fab something else to work.  It did not.  Instead of screwing about trying to 
get suck to work, I hit FLAPS and brought home a FRESH Mighty Vac.  That makes 
three pumps, lots of attachments, and one functional cup.

The car was jacked up and I was able to get the far rear wheel draining, but I 
was sucking bubbles.  Driver side rear did not have bubbles and both sides were 
pulling fresh fluid from the reservoir.   Rear rotors and pads looked good with 
no obvious wear.  Front rotors were showing almost 2mm.   Front right bleeder 
would not open, as somebody had rounded the 8mm nut.   Driver side bled fine 
with no bubbles.   I think 10oz of DOT4 went through the lines.

Now I get to RTFM for the Vac pump and try to come to terms with what is going 
on with my brake system.  Right front wear sensor wires are rotted away.  Looks 
like I need to wait until another bunch of W126 hit the PnP yards so I can 
scrounge a few brake parts.


1974 450sl -  Frosch - Two tone green
1986 SDL - Polei
1982 300 SD - Allen

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1972 220D - Gump - She was green, simple and ran
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