D@mn good tractor, except the hydrostatic scares me. I'd rather have a clutch and gearshift as those seldom fail. At worst, you might need a new clutch disk and pressure plate and throwout bearing. If the hydro goes out, you are gonna spend big bucks or loose big bucks dumping the tractor. I am not sure if it is heavy enough to lift whole cars. You 'd need to check that out.

It has had some things repaired, the PTO and one 3 pt arm are red, from a farm tractor. (Neither good nor bad but does show some level of care.)

I'd like it better if it was a diesel, but for your use, a gasser may be better. Simple ign, plugs and simple carb.

You could try (if the owner would let you) picking up a whole car that is going to the crusher with the bucket and a couple log chains asross the top of the car to the bucket or loader arms to keep the car more or less horizontal. I'm thinking it will pick it up if you have enough weight on the 3 point. You may want to replace front tires and wheels with balloon tires 11L-15 or similar.
Kaleb C. Striplin via Mercedes <mailto:mercedes@okiebenz.com>
February 19, 2018 at 8:11 PM
2656 International Tractor With Loader


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