Yes, current aircraft are for the most part no different than they were 70
years ago. There are slow, minor improvements coming in instrumentation and
engine management that might bring us up to 1970's cars -
FAA regulation is largely to blame - keeping the public safe from anything
that hasn't been put through the approval cycle that adds MUCH money to the
costs of anything new.
Dealing with navigation, air traffic control, weather, and avoiding other
traffic can be a full time job, then add flying the airplane on top of that
- autopilots do most ot the later, allowing the pilot to focus on the first
items. Aircraft are often times traveling 2 to 4 times faster than a car .
. .
I love the results of the new ADS-B system - I can see other aircraft on
the screen LONG before I can visually locate them. It makes me feel
(perhaps wrongly?) much more secure in busy airspace (training areas around
airports, etc) - so improvement is coming, slowly.

So far, while everything is still working as new, the "smart assistance"
features in the Subaru are better than I am - telling me I'm getting close
to the lane lines, coming up on a car or other object too fast, etc. I
haven't let it try to keep me in the lane yet - it just yells at me if I'm
too close to the edge.

No, I'm not ready for a self-driving car, but I can see it coming. Of
course, the hackers will have a grand time with them, as very few of these
companies have any idea about security, and the parts will come from China
- who has a vested interest in hacking all things elsewhere.

On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 6:56 PM, Rick Knoble via Mercedes <> wrote:

> Randy inquires:
> >‎So, if this 2 or 3 ton driverless hunk of >metal runs over your wife or
> >one of your children, who do you sue?
> Which is pretty much why private aircraft have made so few advancements in
> the last seventy years. Perhaps Ipads have replaced steam gauges, but to my
> understanding, that's about it. ‎Perhaps one of our private pilots can
> chime in on that. As far as autonomous vehicles, before that becomes a
> reality, Shakespeare's Henry Vl , Part 2, Act lV, Scene 2 will have to
> become a reality.
> Rick
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