I have a friend who had this little 12 acre horse farm sort of place. I keep 
some of the projects there, Max has his bits there in the barn too. 

She has let the place go, and little pine trees have sprouted up over a lot of 
it. I’ve been mowing it to keep the grass down but the pine trees are taking 

So this other friend of ours says he has a little tractor with a bush hog I 
could borrow to cut this stuff down. Turns out it is a little 2cyl Yanmar 
diesel tractor, 4WD, paddle tires, low/high 3pd, 3spd PTO, maybe 4ft bush hog. 
It’s the real deal, just a basic solid well made blunt instrument. This thing 
is a total beast. It is unstoppable. It could probably climb right up a wall. 

Yesterday I cut about an acre of these pine trees and other scrub that were 
growing around the house. 3 low, 2300rpm, PTO in 2, the thing just slogged on 
and on cutting pine trees up to about 2in dia maybe 6-8ft tall. In 2 hours it 
burned about a gallon or gallon and a half of fuel. It mulched up almost 
everything, not much chunks of anything left. I was amazed at what it did. The 
blade has tremendous inertia like a big flywheel, a solid bar with flying 
blades on the end, very sharp. 

Another acre or so of stuff to cut, it gets boring but this little tractor is 
great fun. 

My buddy has been trying to find a little bucket loader/forks for it but they 
are very hard to find and pricey. I thought maybe he could find one in Japan 
and ship it over. I guess that would be pricey too. I feel like I want to go 
there and buy one, I am totally in love with this thing.

Love hurts!

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