Some of you guys are old enough to remember this too: When I was in high school, the threats were not guns. Many of us had them in the car. It was bombs. The bomb threats started each year in the fall, let up in the winter, and became very often in the spring. The IRA was bombing. In this country, the SDS, and 'bummers buddies and advisers were bombing and robbing. The media and (J) lunatics believe if guns are banned, the killing will stop. They are wrong. If one weapon is not available, another weapon will be used. Able slew Cain. Some believe Able used a rock. Others say it was the jawbone of an ass. Either way, he used whatever was handy to kill. The problem is evil in the heart of man (generic use), not the weapon.

I was sooooooo glad to be done with high school and the constant bomb threats, especially in the spring. I was sooooo glad when my kids got out of high school and the endless threats there.

<sarc> So, back to the subject, How do we organize to ban the cars and bathtubs? I want some of the soreass money to organize these movements. </sarc>

In israel, everywhere you go, the citizens carry guns. Threats are quickly dispatched by armed citizens. Perhaps if our schools and public places were crawling with armed citizens (Militia) these attention seeking cowards would rely on fakebuch for notoriety in place of shooting.

Floyd Thursby via Mercedes <>
February 23, 2018 at 7:09 AM
Chicago is one of the leading success stories for rich cultural diversity and the Democrat party; therefore, there can be nothing bad that anyone could possibly find there. There might be some challenges and room for improvement that spending more money will clearly solve. Send money. Elect more democrats. Ban guns. (Oh wait that last one is already in place, never mind)



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