When I was in college, one day we (the rifle and pistol team) invited a
USMC Sergeant who was part of the Navy ROTC unit to bring his personal
weapons to our shooting range, which was located in the bowels of the
football stadium (Camp Randall, an Army outpost, was land-granted to the UW
system at some point, was the heart of the Madison campus, and the Army
like to remind them when the threats to ban ROTC from campus got too
boisterous that the Army could revoke that land grant if the need ever
arose).  IIRC he had a MAC-10 (semi-auto) and a small semi-auto pistol.  He
opted to keep his weapons on his person all day, rather than leave them in
his Geo Tracker (or similar) because that vehicle was too easy to break
into.  So he went to classes all over campus with a MAC-10 in his book bag
and the pistol tucked in his belt under his shirt, pistol loaded.  I think
he also had his K-bar tucked into one of his boots.  When he got to the
range that afternoon, we all thought that was pretty funny, how he was
armed to the teeth all day, walking around the extremely liberal UW Madison
campus (which was also a "nuklear free zone", never mind that little
reactor over on the engineering campus).

Charleston SC

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