This (or a similar approach) has to happen in all public and large private schools. I would allow CC, as it will cut a minute or more off the response time. Once again, Texas takes a stand for liberty and for common sense.

Viva Texas!  Viva the Texas spirit!

I also believe allowing retired military and LEOs to volunteer to patrol skools in organized shifts is a good idea. (or even well trained citizens)

Better yet, we should abolish the fed Dept of misedjamacation, the state departments of misedjamacation, tear down the huge brain factories (Pushers haven) and return education to the parents and neighborhood schools.

Funny how someone who had an 8th grade education in the 1920s or before could do calculus, knew American history, classical literature, had a vocabulary that is probably twice that of the average amerikun now, etc. while our brain factories drug the kids and turn out people not fit to be citizens.

Dan--- via Mercedes <>
February 23, 2018 at 9:13 AM
Interesting interview on NPR this morning with a school district superintendent in Holiday, TX. Seems they allow firearms by staff and teachers on campus after a psych exam and in-depth training. The personnel who participate in this program are not identified nor are the administrators aware of who they are. It’s a program that was legislated into being about five years ago in TX, and requires the participants to go through over 80 hours of training, same kind than an LEO would go through. When they complete it successfully, they’re considered a “Marshall” under TX law.

I don’t have an opinion on this other than if people can have firearms on campus, this is a good way to go about it. I would add that they can’t carry concealed, as the firearm must be secured in the building and not on their person.

Education and training is the key to firearm safety under all circumstances.



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