I hear many pundits calm that nobody needs to own an AR-15.  Looks aside, the 
AR-15 is just a modular self-loading rifle in .223/5.56 caliper.  This is a 
“reduced power” round that originally evolved from a varmint round.  Consider:


*      There may be more than one attacker

*      You almost always need to shoot an attacker more than once to stop an 
attack (even with a rifle).

*      You may miss (cops miss over 80% of the time)


Considering this, 20-30 rapid-fire rounds doesn’t seem too many if you need to 
stop an attack on your family.


By the way, the light, high-speed .223 round has less over-penetration 
potential through structures than a typical pistol round (like 9mm).




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