> Curley wrote:

> True!
> Ban the Doctors!
> The number they kill is staggering.  Probably more than all the
> others combined!

Quoting from the "Virtual President" article that was posted recently:

   In 2011, total firearm murders came to 8,583, according to the
   FBI. ... the total murders committed by rifles were 323. That’s
   3% of all murders. Hammers and clubs kill half again as many
   people as rifles. Hands and feet murder twice as many; and
   knives kill five times more Americans than all rifles combined.

   Preventable medical errors kill about 98,000 people per year:
   medical malpractice kills more than twelve times as many people
   as are murdered in the US each year. That’s more than 300 times
   the number killed by all rifles, 


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