This weekend and next are no good, I've got a certification exam in two
weeks (for work), need to study up.  I think I've also got one or two
airbags to light off.

That "burn out the carbon" idea does sound like a lot of fun!  You need to
make a video, first line is "Hold ma beer and watch this!".

Charleston SC

On Fri, Mar 2, 2018 at 9:42 AM, Floyd Thursby via Mercedes <> wrote:

> damn.   That sounds like some fun.  I might have to do that. Could use
> some bbq lighter fluid or something too I guess, put a torch to it.
> I have an old airbag here too, could blow some sh*t up and do some fire
> and whatnot, maybe even shoot some guns.  Max what's your weekend looking
> like?
> --FT

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