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> Beru are the OE plugs and seem to last a great deal longer than the
> Bosch and others.  They are also more expensive, hence the “you get
> what you pay for” adage comes into play here.

For the '90 E300D/2.5 Turbo:

FCP Euro has
        Mercedes Diesel Glow Plug - Bosch 80031        $10.89
        Mercedes Diesel Glow Plug - Meyle 0011593601   $ 9.99

Importec has
        Part# : 001 159 17 01 BOSCH                    $13.22

partsgeek has

        Beru Glow Plug                                 $15.48
        Part Number: W0133-1631189
        Notes: Type GE/GN
        Detailed Notes: Optional with 001 159 17 01.
        Product Remark: GN

        Beru Glow Plug                                 $16.48
        Part Number: W0133-1715016
        Notes: Type GE/GN
        Product Remark: GN

carid.com has

        GN Type Diesel Glow Plug W0133-1631189-BER     $15.34
        GN Type Diesel Glow Plug W0133-1715016-BER     $15.87

So what's the difference between the two Beru part numbers? I did a web
search and found nothing.



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