I will only use Beru or Bosch. (OM621, 61x, 601-603) I have used neverseeze on the threads. You never want the neverseeze on the tip, but you can carefully put it on the threads.

I recently had to change the GP relay on the 603. Glow light was only 2-3 seconds. GPs all checked good. Installed a used GP Relay, and alles gut.
Mountain Man via Mercedes <mailto:mercedes@okiebenz.com>
March 2, 2018 at 8:50 PM
Wasn't there discussion about this recently? Beru, Bosch, NGK are
names on the used plugs removed and replaced today. For the past few
weeks, one glow plug gone allowed tough starts, but, earlier this week
another plug failed and that is a tough start. Warm calm day here so
the used plugs got this thing running, but without dash warning light
because hamfist broke off a wire connector.

Question: what was the recent consensus - Bosch (France), Beru
(Germany), NGK (Orient)? Was it Craig who did GP change recently?
The two GP replaced today came out quite easy. Is it okay to use
anti-seize on threads? or is that bad for electric connection?


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