Thanks! Good to know! Mine has few hours of use, and I hope to never need it again. But I plan to give it to #1 son, so he should put a few hours on it each year. From the research I did before I bought it, Ariens was the brand to buy. I think it still is. Certainly nobody should buy one made by MTD (troybuilt and many other brands) if they want to run it more than a few years. I wanted a schnee Gebläse that would be the only one I ever needed to buy.

When he inherits the schnee Gebläse, I'll pass on the the info about the little tire.

I'm betting that if you get the "old" one from your neighbor, that a tire (and cleanup) will fix it.

FWIW, i do put Mäusegift (mouse poison) by the schnee Gebläse each fall. That may be why I never had a nest in it.
Curt Raymond <>
March 7, 2018 at 5:49 PM
Ariens which is pretty much the standard around here making parts availability good.

They're super simple. Neighbor had mice get into his last year and the shifting mechanism froze up, I had it working in 15-20 minutes. This year he "smoked it" and bought another one. I think the mouse nest smoked... Either way I need to remember to ask but he'll probably give me the carcass. If nothing else it'll make a spare engine for mine.



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