I've got troubles with a manual 4-speed in a 240D.

The 1-2 shift arm is _really_ sloppy - and it's in the
transmission NOT the external linkages.  

It happened suddenly.  All was well, stopped to back into a
parking spot and the shift lever got into the neutral gate but the
transmission was still in 2nd.  From underneath I moved the 1-2
linkage into neutral to match the shifter.  That meant I could
drive the car home.

Once back at the house I checked the linkage bushings because I
presumed that's where the problem was.  It's not.  So I had a
helper move the shifter while I looked and it's clearly inside the
transmission.  Ugh.

Right now it is so loose that the shifter runs into the dash
before the transmission gets into 1st - or 1st is completely
missing.  To get from 2nd to neutral the shifter has to be moved
as far forward as 1st is supposed to be (which is past the
shifters neutral gate) to get out of 2nd, then move the shifter
aft to line it up with the neutral gate.

So any of you have experience inside the 4-speed manual?  Or have
a manual for it? 


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