That was part of it, and little to do with the Wednesday afternoon fun on the 
links of lawyers and bankers (my father was a banker, so I have direct 
experience in this area.)

Much of DST has to do with agrarian societies, the reasoning being that longer 
light into the evenings gives farmers more time to work the fields.  While I 
can’t address all of this directly, I can tell you that based on personal 
experience as a young man, farmers did use DST to their advantage and it did 
help.  When harvesting or detassling corn, being able to start later in the day 
and work later made a difference as the condensation or morning dew on the 
crops made it much harder to harvest or handle the plants.  Dairy farmers, 
however, don’t like it, because cows are sensitive to time and changing their 
milking schedules can cause some serious affects on production.  We heard about 
this a lot in Wisconsin.

Personally, I would like to see it gone.  I know when we were growing up in 
Indiana it was  PITA because different parts of the state were on different 


> On Mar 12, 2018, at 11:32 AM, Curley McLain via Mercedes 
> <> wrote:
> The feds meddled in the 70s.  Jimmay cahtah's "energy saving" program 
> probably.  AZ and HI opted out, but everyone else had to begin and end stupid 
> time on the same day.  Fed meddling still exists.
> Max, in the beginning it was not about "energy savings"  It was about more 
> afternoon time on Wed afternoon when the docs, shysters and bankers closed 
> early to go "hunt golf eggs in a pasture."  (Granny Clampett)
>> Floyd Thursby via Mercedes <>
>> March 12, 2018 at 9:37 AM
>> Here is what I think about every 6 months -- how can something so 
>> universally-hated persist?    At some point in the past I suppose there was 
>> some semi-compelling reason to do it but there does not appear to be any 
>> such reason now.  The strongest one has something to do with kids going to 
>> school, but that seems pretty lame.  It appears there is no energy savings 
>> to speak of, maybe even more is being used.
>> I spent my first 20some years in Indiana where the clocks did not change, 
>> but everyone else did.  So in the summer we were in Central Daylight Time 
>> zone, an hour behind the east coast, but in the winter we were Eastern 
>> Standard Time zone, an hour ahead of Central Standard.  The only real issue 
>> was TV shows were on an hour earlier in the summer.  I think a coupla 
>> counties near Louisville and Chicago did whatever those cities did, so they 
>> changed their clocks mostly so people who worked there were not constantly 
>> in some weird situation.  It mattered not to us as the clocks and the sun 
>> just kept doing their things and there was a smooth transition among the 
>> seasons.
>> So it seems the states control whether clocks change, I don't think the 
>> federal gubmint has anything to do with it.  Next time I find myself amongst 
>> any of our elected fools at the state level I need to ax this question.
>> --FT


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