Being in "agrarian societies" all my life, I have yet to find ONE farmer who is/was in favor of DST. Might I politely suggest that someone has fed you a sack of excrement?

I have NEVER heard that one before!

Dan Penoff via Mercedes <>
March 12, 2018 at 12:12 PM
That was part of it, and little to do with the Wednesday afternoon fun on the links of lawyers and bankers (my father was a banker, so I have direct experience in this area.)

Much of DST has to do with agrarian societies, the reasoning being that longer light into the evenings gives farmers more time to work the fields. While I can’t address all of this directly, I can tell you that based on personal experience as a young man, farmers did use DST to their advantage and it did help. When harvesting or detassling corn, being able to start later in the day and work later made a difference as the condensation or morning dew on the crops made it much harder to harvest or handle the plants. Dairy farmers, however, don’t like it, because cows are sensitive to time and changing their milking schedules can cause some serious affects on production. We heard about this a lot in Wisconsin.

Personally, I would like to see it gone. I know when we were growing up in Indiana it was PITA because different parts of the state were on different times….



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