SIL took his bowtie car to the stealer Thurs because it had a brake idiot light on. They changed the master and booster. Claimed the booster had to be changed because the master cyl leaked. (BILL BOOSTER!) Got it back, drove around Fri. Sat he got about 60 miles, and had NO brakes.

Had it towed and dropped at the stealer's front door. Today the stealer admitted that the shop mnkey crossthreaded the nut on one of the brake lines into the master. so, they replaced a brake line.

I would be livid.

#1 monkey should be able to thread in a brake line nut without crossthreading #2 Monkey should be able to check to be sure it was not leaking after completion
#3 Shop manager should check for leaks before the car is released

What would y'all do in a case like this?


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