I think the "etc" is what sunk it.
Max Dillon
Charleston SC
'87 300TD
'95 E300

On March 13, 2018 12:27:17 AM EDT, Craig via Mercedes <mercedes@okiebenz.com> 
>On Mon, 12 Mar 2018 22:20:02 -0500 tyee165 via Mercedes
><mercedes@okiebenz.com> wrote:
>> Cracked dash, cracked and peeling wood on dash, split seats, damaged
>> grill, dirty carpets, rusty underneath etc 
>Jury-rigged rear exhaust hanger, rust bubbles on rear of trunk lid,
>paint chip on rear of right-front wheel well, paint damage between
>left-front wheel well and driver's door, strange wire on passenger's
>side of console, damage on dark member to the left of the driver's
>rug, driver's rug dirty and damaged, storage bins on the rears of the
>front seats sagging and stretched, damage on center of bottom cushion
>of rear seat, driveshaft tunnel rug discolored, console vent beneath
>ash tray and ash tray dirty, colored dings on passenger's map pocket,
>non-standard fasteners and dirt on inside of driver's door, leaves in
>engine compartment, rust around vehicle identification plate, factory
>rust-proofing coating damaged underneath passenger's compartment, etc.!
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