Damn fine Magic too!

I pulled the rest of the tools out and gave them a scrub.  The cancer came off 
and left bare metal.  I used a baster on the spark shaft and tire iron.  Twenty 
minutes of that and it cleared up the stuff as well.  Even got the pliers 
functional.  When I drained off the fluid into a pop bottle (this stuff is too 
good to toss) there was at least a teaspoon of debris that had fallen off, no 


1974 450sl -  Frosch - Two tone green
1986 SDL - Polei
1982 300 SD - Allen

> On Apr 6, 2018, at 6:02 AM, Floyd Thursby via Mercedes 
> <mercedes@okiebenz.com> wrote:
> Interesting, I have never heard of this magick
> --FT
> On 4/6/18 12:19 AM, clay monroe via Mercedes wrote:
>> I scored a full tool kit out of a w116 yesterday.  It was falling apart and 
>> the tools had some really good corrosion.  The things were lumpy with 
>> nodules, rust bleeding through the chrome, seized up pliers.
>> I go the thing home and while unwrapping, the pouch fell apart.  The tools 
>> were whole, butt ugly, but whole.  I recalled that the folks down under like 
>> molasses bath to make the rusted stuff look better.   It usually takes 
>> months while the parts soak.  The guys on yootoobz are doing body panels and 
>> fenders. The tools are small, so maybe they will behave better and quicker.
>> I made a solution of a quarter cup of thick brown goo and two cups of white 
>> vinegar.  Mix it up in a two quart tupperware, about 9x6”, so the solution 
>> is about 2” deep.  All the wrenches went in, the flat head screw shaft along 
>> with the rusted in philips in the driver handle.  The bar for the spark plug 
>> shaft and the head of the spark shaft with its rusty spring.   The shaft of 
>> the thing was too long to fit, so I coated it with brown goo.   The lug 
>> wrench was also too big, so it had to wait until I had action.
>> The bath began at 1730 Wednesday, and by this morning it was bubbling away 
>> happily.   The tool jacuzzi went on until I took a look at 2100 today.  The 
>> stuff is working pretty good.  I pulled the 13/14 wrench out and gave it a 
>> scuffing with steel wool and it came out looking real purty like.  The other 
>> tools will need more attention.  I think I will have victory over the 
>> weekend.
>> clay


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