Washed, clay barred and waxed spouse’s SL500.  Got that done and out of the way 
by 10:00.  Eldest son’s W124 E300D is getting the AC pulled down for an hour to 
make sure it’s dry, another 30 minutes capped off to check for leak down, then 
it’s getting hit with a can of sealer and charged.

Been sorting out the garage and cleaning the bra a buddy gave me for the W124.  
I need to replace some missing sound attenuation panel fasteners on the front 
of the W210 wagon, which I’ll probably do after the E300D’s AC is addressed.

Kaleb, did you check to see if those speakers were the right ones?  And how’s 
about a W124 armrest?  Curley - can you send me pictures of your armrest?



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