The only time I've seen a bubble form has been following the sidewall being brushed against something like a curb, etc.  (I know, she rec'd the absolute best training from Daddy but accidents happen) Or maybe she loaned it to a friend?.  Then the sidewall gets weaker over time until the inner rubber (?) puts more and more pressure against the weakness and gradually pushes through the fracture until a bubble forms which gets larger and larger over time.   After raising 3 kids (who also rec'd Daddy's expert training) doing absolutely every thing possible to various cars over the last 40 years or so, this is how I would expect to see a bubble form.   IMO, the front tires are the most likely to suffer sidewall damage like you described....

re: Costco Tires.  I agree about their apparent honesty - I also like that they use a Torque Wrench and the mechanics actually know how to use it.  Mine uses a Clicker type wrench but other shops have shown they have no clue how to use the wrench.  I watched one tire changer tighten the nuts until the wrench clicked then he gave it another 1/2 turn!  I had to take it back and get them to loosen the nuts so I had a chance to remove them if ever needed.

Good luck!   (back to lurk mode) ;-)


91 300D

06 E350AWD

On 04/04/2018 8:04 PM, Buggered Benzmail via Mercedes wrote:
Girl child calls and says LF tire on the E320 has a bubble on the sidewall. 
Observed that this is likely Not Good. She got the car about a year ago. BFG 
Tires were fairly new, I recall seeing the receipt in the package of papers.

Suggested she go to Costco and ask what they think as I believe they are likely 
to be more honest than some random tire shop monkey. My sense is this would be 
a defect in the tire not due to any abuse on her part, she is a surprisingly 
good driver due to her daddy’s proper training.

Anyone know how this might work?  I don’t want her to have to eat a new tire(s).

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