on the Burgundy SDL, I had all 4PIRELLI tires slip belts badly on one 70 mile trip to an MBCA meeting. The thing shook like a dog trying to kill a rat. at 25 MPH or less, it wobbled at a shriner's clown car. over 25 it shook terribly. It was a LONG SLOW trip home...
Thumbs down on Pirelli.

Generals are horrible on snow and ice, but did pretty well on dry pavement. I ran a lot of them on the the high mile SDL when I got tired of going back to dead sams every month or two to get them to warrant their crappy name brand tires.

Kaleb C. Striplin via Mercedes wrote:
I HATE wobble from slipped belts. I will say avoid Pirelli also. I do not have any slipped belts but the traction in the rain is like driving on ice.


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