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> 4.5 is pretty much nothing.   All the ones I have been around under 6.5 
> I didn't even notice.   When I lived at the end of the world, there was 
> 7 or so that woke me up, because you could hear the crack coming down 
> the side of the mountain for a long time.  I suppose it was 30 sec or
> so after I woke up.   As it got near, there was a little shaker.
> Pretty much nothing, but hearing the crack come down the mountain,
> getting louder all the time was pretty neat!

In spring of '71, I was living in a coach house in Altadena, CA. I was
still asleep the morning there was a large earthquake at the west end of
the San Fernando Valley, quite a distance away. When it hit, the coach
house started shaking very noticably (I was in the living quarters on the
second floor over the garage which comprised the first floor).

That went on for quite a while. My electric razor fell off the shelf in
the bathroom and broke. After things calmed down, I went back to sleep.

It was interesting being on tour with the Caltech Glee Club a few weeks
later and seeing the spiral failures of the concrete freeway supports as
our bus slowly went through the area following all the other
formerly-on-the-freeway vehicles.



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