When you put new Bilsteins on it; That will make a HUGE difference in handling.

clay monroe via Mercedes wrote:
The 450SL got new injectors this day.   Well, installed, they had been living 
in a box for the past week or so.

There were two OE injectors that had chosen to piddle upon the engine and 
wanted to make the car go boom with flames.  My indy forbade me to use the car 
until he got the offending injectors replaced.  He found two from his supplier 
that needed to be shipped from FL.  There was one “new” that had been installed 
a number of years ago to resolve misfire, so that left five to make them all 
new.  Classic Center had those.  I figured I would not want to keep having to 
dig in, so ordered them.

I dropped the car off this morning and picked it up after noon.  Tech had made 
a very pretty installation and did adjustments for smooth operation.  I took 
her for a shake down on the freeway to see what my $2k purchased.  I think I am 
back to original 0-60 timing.  I stopped at the top of the ramp and floored it. 
 Lots of G and I slid back into the seat cushions.  It had not done that before.

At speed, or stuck behind a slow truck, I stomp the GO pedal and get pushed 
back in the seat and leap  forward.  Motorcycle responsiveness.  I am liking 
this.  And it is smoother, quieter, just … better.  The hot stumble is greatly 
reduced.  It used to be bad at idle.  Waiting for the light to change, the car 
would seem to want to die, as if only five pistons were performing.  Now, the 
idle is smooth and regular.  Must have been that the two failed injectors were 
not able to make atomized petrol.   There is some stumble at initial pedal 
action, but giving it just a bit more fuel makes it smooth out and go.

When I get rich, I am going to replace the clapped out shocks with some nice 



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