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> My boot disk and the second disk - used for backing up photos, etc. are
> almost full. This is an older (9 years old) HP consumer box.
> I'm seeing 4TB disks for reasonable prices, Seagate and Western Digital.
> What have the rest of you experienced in terms of drive
> reliability/life?

I have been burned by Seagate and now buy Western Digital, most recently
a 1 TByte WD Gold for the new computer I'm assembling.

> I'd hate to have to rebuild the box from scratch, with the licensing
> hassles from M$ and Adobe, etc., but am also thinking of one of those HP
> workstations Curt was recommending a few years ago.

Can you not copy your disks to a larger disk and then use a partition
editor to increase the size to that of the larger disk?



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