I have recently bought a couple from Newegg I think, I want to say HGTV brand (!) but that's not right, but it is something like that.  They got pretty good reviews for whatever that is worth. They were a bit more expensive than the Seagate and WDs which got poor reviews.  I'm not sure any of them are very good these days, some seem to be built better.

I would suggest getting 2 and putting them in external holders (cheap) and mirroring your HD to both of them so you have some reliability and redundancy.

DanP is probably one of our resident experts on this kind of stuff, see what he says


On 4/11/18 2:18 PM, OK Don via Mercedes wrote:
My boot disk and the second disk - used for backing up photos, etc. are
almost full. This is an older (9 years old) HP consumer box.

I'm seeing 4TB disks for reasonable prices, Seagate and Western Digital.
What have the rest of you experienced in terms of drive reliability/life?

I only have two drive bays in the case - seems inadequate today . . .

I'd hate to have to rebuild the box from scratch, with the licensing
hassles from M$ and Adobe, etc., but am also thinking of one of those HP
workstations Curt was recommending a few years ago.



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