I have had good luck with hitachi. Other than some that were bad out of the box, I don't recall any (of hundreds) failing. The bad ones were replaced with refurbs, and no problem ever with the refurbs. WD, and seagate, have failed. I think it was some seagate I bought in 2000 that i figured were programmed to brick in 10 years. They all died exactly 10 yrs after mfgr. date.

Greg Fiorentino via Mercedes wrote:
I have read that SSDs have a much longer lifespan, and are a lot faster to boot 
(pun attempt).

Also, I too favor WD over the competition.

My solution was a NAS with a pair of red 4TB WD HDs. The cost for the WD 
MyCloud Mirror was no more than the cost of the 2 HDs in it. It also runs my 
HDHomerun DVR software in its spare time.



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