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> > I haven't had to do this kind of stuff in many years, but last I
> > remember, copying a disk does not get the MBR, just the files and
> > directories. A clone would get the MBR, but how that works with a disk
> > of a different size I don't know. You used to have to purchase
> > software to do this stuff decently, is there freeware that works now?
> > I'm running W10 . . . I'm guessing boot to a Linux USB drive with the
> > utilities, then clone the old drives to the new ones?
> Well, I was answering from a Linux perspective.
> One uses the dd command, which copies everything (clone in Win jargon).

When you do that, the larger disk thinks it is the size of the smaller
disk, which is why you have to use a partition manager (on Linux, parted)
to enlarge the last partition on the disk.


P.S. systemrescuecd is bootable and has all the tools you need.


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