Haven’t one much lately, just driven it a bit to enjoy.

Got a new (used) grille shell installed on Tuesday along with a new apparatus 
box cover and center vents.  Replaced the driver’s door speaker and sorted the 
left rear parcel shelf speaker, and now the Becker system sounds wonderful.

I have a couple of engine mounts I might try and install this weekend, I 
haven’t decided yet.  I want to replace the headliner as well, but that’s going 
to be an undertaking.  Need to figure out why the left rear window doesn’t 
work, too.  Not sure if it’s a switch or motor/regulator issue.  I have a spare 
regulator and motor on the shelf, so that’s available should I need it.

Filled up the first tank of fuel - 18 mpg.  Not bad for just tooling around 
town and taking into account some fuel loss from filter changes and other work 
I’ve done.  I bet I can get it over 20 mpg if I ran most of a tank on the 



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