That sucks for them, for sure.

And the reason why the next house I build, if I ever do build again, will have 
sprinklers.  The initial cost to include them in the build isn’t that 
significant relative to the total cost of the home, and they reduce the 
insurance cost and almost totally assure the likelihood of survival of a fire 
with minimal damage.

We considered it on the house we built in WI.  At the time (1991) it would have 
added about $5k to the total cost of the house ($120k) but would have cut our 
insurance over 50%/year.


> On Apr 14, 2018, at 12:59 PM, OK Don via Mercedes <> 
> wrote:
> Hard Red Wheat. and weads.
> Speaking of OK fires - the hangar across the runway from us burned to the
> ground yesterday evening - several load explosions, huge plumes of black
> smoke - excitement all around. Surprisingly, the fire was contained to the
> hanger and a few vehicles parked nearby. Two country fire departments
> arrived and worked to contain it, then pulled what was left of the building
> down and tried to prevent further fires from erupting. They left around
> 8:30PM, then returned after midnight to check on it.
> No injuries - the owner was at work miles away when it started. No idea yet
> of the cause, etc. One less Bellanca in the fleet now - - -


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