We had a very similar experience several years ago - small stain on the
ceiling, call the insurance company and found a metal roofing contractor -
they both arrived the same day and went over not only the house roof, but
all five roofs on the property. ended up replacing all of them except the
hangar which got a layer of foam and paint on top of the steel. Our rates
went down considerable due to the metal roof.

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> A month or so ago we were having a get together for the mother in law’s
> 80th birthday.  Wife is leaning back on the couch in the family room and
> notices a stain on the ceiling  Dang. Roof leak.
> We had just had some really violent storms blow through, so we figured
> they were the cause of the leak.  Our house is just about 20 years old, so
> we knew it was close to new roof time.  We were hoping it would be another
> year or two before we had to replace the roof, but this looked like it was
> going to force the matter. Darn.
> Understand that there is quite the cottage industry using software that
> closely monitors the NOAA weather radars and will use GIS to extract exact
> addresses under storm tracks and then send a compiled list of those
> addresses to subscribers (roofing companies.) These fine folks take that
> information and canvass the neighborhoods in an attempt to sell new roofs
> or repairs using the homeowner’s insurer.  Basically, they inspect the
> roof, manage the claim with the insurer, and have the homeowner sign an AOB
> (assignment of benefits) so that they are paid directly for the work.  This
> isn’t a bad thing necessarily, however, you’re now locked in to this
> contractor, like it or not, and they’ll get the proceeds of your insurance
> payout regardless of what the work costs.
> Anyway, I had avoided these people despite their presence in our area.  I
> checked with a couple of friends who had their roofs done recently and got
> referrals for a couple of contractors.
> One contractor came a few weeks ago, spent about 30 minutes on the roof,
> gave me a quote and said that in their opinion there was little to nothing
> to warrant an insurance claim.  Bummer.
> A day later I was talking to my insurance agent about getting an updated
> quote on my homeowner’s insurance once the roof was replaced.  By bringing
> the roof up to current code (hurricane requirements) I would get a
> significant discount in my homeowner’s insurance.  I mentioned the leak and
> that I was getting quotes for a replacement.  He told me I should file a
> claim with my insurer.  After all, what’s the worst thing that could
> happen, right?
> So the following Tuesday I was working from home and had already scheduled
> another roofing contractor to come out and give me an estimate.  The
> insurance adjuster said he could come the same day.  That works for me….
> They both showed up at the same time.  Not sure if this is good or bad.
> So they’re both on the roof for a good 45 minutes.  The insurance adjuster
> comes down and inspects the interior of the house, checks out the stain on
> the ceiling, etc.  He finishes up and leaves.
> The contractor comes down and sits down with me.  He’s got a good 15
> minutes of video on his iPad showing me all of the damage and wear on the
> roof.  He tells me that he spent at least 30 minutes of his time with the
> insurance adjuster showing him all the issues he found.  Chalk marks all
> over the roof, lots and lots of notes, this guy was super thorough.  He
> gives me a quote and heads out.
> Fast forward to Thursday of this week.  I get a call from the insurance
> company.  They’re going to replace the whole roof!  Woo-hoo!  I have to
> believe it’s due to the efforts of the contractor that went over everything
> in such detail with the insurance adjustor.  You can guess who got the job.
> So in 2-3 weeks I’m going to have a new, hurricane rated roof at no out of
> pocket cost.  Nice.  And my insurance costs are going to drop about 40%,
> too.
> -D
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