This does not have to do with a Smart (TM) car.

Some friends just got home form FL, driving a 2017 Hondog pitot with all the latest electronic "smart" crap. "lane control" "Driver assist" and a slew of other "marketing phrases" are built into the POS. They got into schnee for the last 35 or so miles, (out of 1500 or so) and shortly after the "Driver assist" electronics went bizerk. According to their report, the thing was steering them all over the road (Interstate). They slowed, got off, and continued the last 20 miles or so driving slowly on gravel roads. Apparently the electrons let them drive(or at least steer) the veeehicle if they were slow enough.

There is no way (that they can find) to turn off this crap. When the "elektronisch getrankt" the thing can kill you.

It is quite possible that schnee or road slop froze over some sensor that caused this behavior, but whatever the cause, the result is dangerous.

If you have newish vehicles, BEWARE!! UNSAFE AT HIGHWAY SPEEDS! WHERE is Ralphie Nadir when you need him?


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