You have to actively turn the nannies on in our Subaru - and can just as
easily turn them off . . .
I've never turned on the "lane assist" stuff.

On Sat, Apr 14, 2018 at 1:00 PM, Curley McLain via Mercedes <> wrote:

> This does not have to do with a Smart (TM) car.
> Some friends just got home form FL, driving a 2017 Hondog pitot with all
> the latest electronic "smart" crap. "lane control"  "Driver assist" and a
> slew of other "marketing phrases" are built into the POS.    They got into
> schnee for the last 35 or so miles, (out of 1500 or so) and shortly after
> the "Driver assist" electronics went bizerk.   According to their report,
> the thing was steering them all over the road (Interstate).   They slowed,
> got off, and continued the last 20  miles or so driving slowly on gravel
> roads.   Apparently the electrons let them drive(or at least steer) the
> veeehicle if they were slow enough.
> There is no way (that they can find) to turn off this crap.     When the
> "elektronisch getrankt"  the thing can kill you.
> It is quite possible that schnee or road slop froze over some sensor that
> caused this behavior, but whatever the cause, the result is dangerous.
> If you have newish vehicles, BEWARE!!    UNSAFE AT HIGHWAY SPEEDS!   WHERE
> is Ralphie Nadir when you need him?
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OK Don

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