Lots of emotional appeal to wick lanterns and nothing beats a Coleman-style 
(gas or LP) lantern for raw light output.  But the new LED lanterns are hard to 
beat for convenience.  I have been using a couple of these:
They come on instantly and give good light for general purposes.  I'm still on 
the original set of batteries and probably have 20+ hours of operation so far.  
My only complaint od the switch is hard to find in the dark.

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> From:  Karl Wittnebel via Mercedes
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April 14, 2018 5:37 AM
> What sort of lantern do you all recommend for residential use? We had a
> power failure here last night and the 6yo had no idea anything without
> batteries could be used for illumination. I am thinking of the wick type or
> railroad stuff with reflectors because they are beautiful, but perhaps should 
> go
> white gas mantle - we had a nice old coleman we used to use in riyadh for
> nightly power failures. But dont those use beryllium or some sort of toxic 
> crap
> on the mantles? Lehmans seem to have the wick type in various flavors.
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> > Apparently a lot of other people do too, or the clickbait title is
> > doing its job. Its got more views than the video that preceded it.
> > -Curt


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