Might be, but why would the ground fail now, while it worked the day I 
installed the fresh motor?


> On Apr 13, 2018, at 10:05 PM, Curley McLain via Mercedes 
> <mercedes@okiebenz.com> wrote:
> ground under the console?
> clay monroe via Mercedes wrote:
>> A few weeks ago I put a new motor in the front passenger regulator.  Prior 
>> to this, all the other windows worked fine with the front controls.  The 
>> rear windows respond to the door switches, but not console buttons, except 
>> for the driver rear.  The front windows no longer go down or up, and rear 
>> pass window does not respond to front buttons.
>> I checked the fuses and replaced, though they look fine.  Copper/brass 
>> fuses, not the aluminum.  Is there an ice cube relay that is needing 
>> attention?
>> clay


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