So a few weeks ago I sold my John Deere 3032e compact tractor I bought new. It was 32hp with 25 at the pto.  I only put 40 hours on it during the 3.5 years I had it so I figured I would just sell it.  As soon as I did, I regretted it so I started searching for a replacement.  I was not sure if I wanted an older full size more powerful tractor, or another compact like I had.  I looked at a bunch, and bent Curleys ear on the subject and finally decided while I would like to have a big tractor, I really would probably prefer another compact.  I decided I wanted a more modern unit rather than something from the 70's or 80's .  I wanted a compact that was about the same size as the JD, but wanted more power and capabilities.  I ended up buying a 05 New Holland boomer something or other.  It is 31hp with 25 or 26 at the PTO so engine wise it is about the same.  The JD as it turns out was pretty basic.  It had a 2 range where as the NH has 3 range.  The NH has a quick detach front end loader than can be removed from the tractor in about 5 minutes or less.  The JD is not removable.  The NH has 2 PTO's, one on the bank and a mid PTO so it will take a belly mower.  The JD just had 1 PTO.  The NH has adjustable 3pt arms on the back so you dont have to be lined up exactly with whatever you are mounting.  The JD did not so it was a pain to hook anything up.  The NW has the universal skid steer type quick attach bucket so will take a wide variety of attachments that can be obtained anywhere.  The JD had its own unique system that would only take JD attachments.  The loader and bucket on the NH is WAY more heavy duty than the JD.  in fact, the whole tractor just seems way more heavy duty than the JD.  The true test came when I tried lifting a car.  The NH lifted the ass end of a 126 with EASE just off engine idle.  Lifted it like it was nothing. The JD would sometimes under just the right conditions lift the back of a 124 or 201 very slowly with the engine fully revved up.  Just for grins I tried lifting the front end of a 240D, and it lifted that also just fine.  No way the JD would be able to do that since its the heavy end of the car.

So, bottom line with JD you are paying for the name.  Their compacts seem much more light weight to me. I am betting even brands such as Mahindra, Branson, Kioti, LS, and others would beat a JD.  I am not sure about Kubota. I know they are supposed to be good but I think they are price about as high as JD.

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