For half that price it might be worth the risk...

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  On Thu, Jul 12, 2018 at 9:36 PM, Craig via Mercedes<> 
wrote:   I went and looked at one of the W116 300SDs Mitch mentioned in an 

Turns out it's a Japanese fellow with a very thick accent. I called him
this morning and arranged to meet him at the address he gave sometime
between 1630 and 1700.

I arrived there at 1650 and rang the doorbell. No response. I walked out
front and double-checked the address and went back and rang it again.
Still no response.

I called the fellow back and as I was talking with him, the door opened.
The fellow behind the door asked what I wanted. I said I wanted to talk
with Mike. He said he didn't live there and gave me another address. The
fellow on the phone seemed to be saying he would come over.

I called him back after I got back in the BRV. He said the house was his
son's and that he was coming over. He finally arrived about 1720 and went
to the side of the garage by the front door where an external opener key
pad was mounted and opened the garage door. The car indeed was inside.

The car is very beautiful. The interior was excellent.

The tires were about half-inflated from having sat so long. I opened the
hood and figured out how to release the two catches on the sides of the
grille. The engine was clean, though it was overfilled with engine oil --
it was about as much above the full mark as the full mark is above the
low mark.

It has the vacuum-style cruise actuator.

It also has a red wire coming out of the firewall with the rest of the
wire bundles and going frontward about a foot with the end stripped.

The glow plug relay green wire has some insulation removed and some
solder on the uninsulated part. I know about purple wire mods for
after-glow, but nothing with the green wire.

Inside, I noticed the headlights had been left on -- the battery is
probably junk for having sat so long with such a load.

The fellow went on and on about how you couldn't get cars like that any
more, that the sheet metal was solid and there was no plastic. He kicked
both bumpers and pointed out how solid they were. There were more things
like that. He said he used to have a restaurant in Taos. He said he had
the engine rebuilt by a German fellow in Taos. He remembered Les; I
remembered Blumner.

Looking in the glove box, I noticed several receipts. One, signed by a
Native American by the name of <Something> Two Feathers, had a date of
2000. There was a receipt from Les Blumner dated 2004 which mentioned
payment towards a replacement engine. Both receipt showed the same
mileage, which was what the odometer was displaying.

I asked the fellow if the odometer worked. He said it did. I asked him if
he were telling me the truth. He seemed somewhat offended and said he
told me the truth as he knew it, but he didn't know anything about the
stuff under the hood.

He was talking about driving it around the neighborhood, which I wanted
to do. He was finally understandable to be saying he didn't know if it
could be driven around the neighborhood.

He said he didn't have to sell it because he had four cars, but wanted to
have it not sitting in the garage.

He seemed to want me to buy a new battery and then take it home to "spend
a thousand dollars and then you will have a car you can keep forever."



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